Made in Australia

Hi all, we are in a unique situation we have a chance to rewrite the way we work and buy our products. We before the COVID 19 virus we purchased nearly everything from China. It was a massive amount of goods from cars to tv,s food and medical supplies, house furniture, everything came from China. Now the virus is here we are left short, we are short of medical supplies, some foods, and a whole raft of products that are to help us survive the lockdown.

Hand sanitizer is one of the products that has been made in a very short time. We had industries coming together to help cover the shortage from China. We have other industries making other medical supplies like respirators face masks to cover the shortage from China.

Now that we have started to break away from the grip of China on our manufacturing industries I feel we should stop buying Made in China and buy Made in Australia. By making in Australia we will have more employed and people will not be reliant on Centrelink for survival.

People will say we can’t compete with China, ( they have millions of workers who get a bowl of rice for the day’s work ) that is what they want you to think. The Chinese are more sophisticated than we are when it comes to the machines doing all the work.

We educate their young, we have thousands in our universities learning how to do things better than us ( Yes! We Teach Them to be Better than US ) so do you think they are going home from university in Australia to a bowl of rice a day for their work? Come On!

We need to do what our Grain Farmers do, improve our thinking, increase our reinvestment in our own business. Our Grain farmers get no support from us the people and the government. The grain farmers from America, Europe, Asia, all get supported for their government but not in Australia, Yet Australia is the most efficient producers of Grain in the world and they do it and get no support.

The industry needs you and me to Buy Australian forget China and all other imports just buy our own food and supplies. If we supported our own people we would have no unemployment.

It will not be easy but it can be done if everyone who reads this post talks about buying Australian the word will spread and it will work we will be made in Australia

Another World, Another Time

Hi, all, I have read the views of some people and some politicians that feel the older people should be removed or forced to downsize from their family homes so younger people can have a place to live.

My Story

At the age of 17, I got an apprenticeship for 5 years, this changed my life, I worked all the hours God gave me in a day.

My wife came along so I needed a home, so we built a new home and were up to our necks in debt. Our home had West Australian Slate ( Concrete Floors ) no painting done for us, no window curtains, only Venetians on all windows, no appliances, no lawn, no fence, just the bare house on a gravel block. (I know today the banks won’t lend for a house partly finished, but if you don’t ask you will never know.) That house was turned into a home with our children so we carpeted the house. My wife made the curtains for the bedroom windows, and then the rest of the house. From my 21st Birthday to my 30th birthday I had bought a house, married and had a family and started my own business.

My company was the largest Jobbing business in West Australia until Primminister Keating said Australia needed a recession and my wife and I lost everything.

We built a home for the family it was Big, very big, as time went on our children grew up and left home so we sold and downsized. We purchased a new home with no yard only a path 3 sides of the house, and now when our extended family come home we still have room to have our children and their family stay at our house but nowhere for the Grand Kids to play. My wife and I sold the family home because it made sense to us, it was so big, we only lived in 3 rooms, the Kitchen, bedroom, family room, the rest of the house was closed off.

The reason for this article is taking a person’s home from them or asking them to downsize when they fought so hard to get it, is wrong. 

When I left school there was no dole, no money, no Centrelink, no agency to go to, and get a job, My generation got our own jobs.

We, struggled like all couples today, we paid for our homes with our after-tax money. We did not buy all the trimmings with the house, we dought them as we could afford them. saving was a major part of our life, when we achieved a target we celebrated with a beer or a glass of wine and reset our goals for the next target. The above is so true for couples today so how would you feel if some wanted you to give up your home and downsize to another suburb away from the area you lived in for 20-40 years?

There are so many people with similar stories to ours, work hard, save your money, and buy with cash that was ground into us. I remember in Australia we even had a credit squeeze where you could not buy unless you had cash, there was no credit money.

But the biggest mover today as it was in my time was a dream to succeed in whatever you wanted to do.

This story is the same today as it was in my time if people don’t realize that taking from one group of people to give to another group of people who have not worked for what they are getting does not work.

What needs to happen which has been totally overlooked is when I was growing up State Housing was a major employer and housing was built for the people who were below the line of affordability. Building apartments in the cities is a great idea for those that want to live in the city, but their also needs to be housing in rural areas as well.

In my state, we have a huge FIFO ( Fly in fly out ) workforce why not have a stable workforce with homes attached to the job and workers and family relocate to the mining town, there are lots of ways to get housing for people.

Today Australia has another account surplus because of the mining and exports, I feel the government needs to look seriously at investing in housing for the not so well of, and mine companies have their employees and families living in a normal home environment.

Euthanasia are We Pets?

Hi to all my readers, I had a great weekend with our son and his family, my Grandaughter asked me about euthanasia, my response was to ask your parents for their view first, and that was the end of our conversation.

When I came back from the weekend away I was deep in a conversation with a group of people who had differing views on euthanasia. The conversation was very lively and animated at times until one of the people who were for euthanasia suggested we put down dogs, cats, and horses with broken legs that are in a great deal of pain and suffering, so if a person is in great pain and suffering we should help them by euthanasian them or assisted suicide.

My response was to the group was, if we equate a person equal to a dog, cat, or a horse that has a broken leg, then we are no better than the animals described above, and yes those people in great pain should have the right to suicide with assistance if they are no better than the animals. I took the right to euthanasia people a little further and proposed that if a person was burnt 30% of their body and was screaming in pain would it be right to euthanasia that person? What about the woman giving birth if she is in great pain should the mother be euthanised? Using pain as a reason for assisted suicide is not a good enough argument. We are not dogs or cats we are Humans and we feel just the same as a dog or cat or horse with a broken leg, pain is a part of life for all living creatures.

I put a question back to the group and the question was do we hear of rich people rolling around in great pain? Do we see it on tv? do we hear well off families talk about how bad it is for their loved one, the pain they have to bear. The answer is no they have money to buy the best treatment for their illness. I will illustrate! I was riding my push bike on the road doing around 30Kph a motorist decided not to give way. I took evasive action and tore the ligaments in my knees tore muscles in my legs, I was 10k from home the driver drove off so I rode my bike back home. I rang the doctor and an appointment was made for me right away. He contacted the specialist I saw him and within 12 days I had my knees reconstructed. Within 3 months I was on my bike doing light rides. Money ( Health Insurance ) can buy whatever you want the best pain killers.

So who will have an advantage if euthanasia is made law? Not the rich they can pay for the service. Not the poor they don’t have the money to pay for the service of being euthanised. It will only be the middle-class people who will benefit from the service of assisted suicide.

Would it not be better to improve the level of Palliative Care so any person from the rich to the poor can be pain-free and live the last days of their life pain-free and with dignity?

If euthanasia is made law I would hat to be a paraplegic or quadriplegic or a person with a problem that has them to be special needs people. If they have pain and they live with pain every day they will be right for euthanising.

Lindsay Gregory

Noogar Boodjar

Hi, all my readers I am studying the Noongar language and culture, so I will be writing all topics in Noongar, and what was said in Noongar will be written in English underneath.

For example, I would say:

Kaya noonakoort wandjoo Ngany djerabin noonook Kaadadjin Noongar waagkininy

Hello everyone welcome, I’m happy learning Noongar knowledge and language.

I will also when using Noongar language, build the sentences the way it is spoken and written in Noongar, that is the Nouns and adjectives come first and the verbs are last.

For example

Kaya djook ndany djildjit Baranginy

Hello sister I’m fish catch.

As I progress in my study I will expand on the word range and on my sentence building. There will be a lot of information I will pass on to my readers about the Noongar people in our state or their Boodjar country.

Kind Regards


Just Another Day on the Train

I am a Street Chaplain and I see a lot of things going on, on the train and streets. I want to tell this story because we have problems with perception when dealing with other people.

A friend of mine and I were going into Perth from Kelmscott for our time on the beat as Street Chaplains. While we were at the station we were discussing scripture, me from a Catholic point of view and my friend from a Church Of Christ point of view. We were deep in conversation when the train pulled up and we got on the train. All the people who were on the platform with us went down to the other end of the train, ( like sheep in a fenced yard ) they were packed in. My friend and I had the freedom to pick any seat in the other half of the carriage. We enjoyed a robust discussion about Sacred Scripture until we reached the next stop.

The stop is Gosnells it is supposed to be full of Bogans and bad people, we were minding our own business when about 15 Noongar people got on the train. The new riders looked at the sheeple ( that is sheepish people my new word SHEEPLE ) at one end of the train and us at our end.

The group made themselves comfortable around us, using all the bad language a person could think of, some of the language was so bad you would not even use it on a dog.

There were some females in the group but mostly males of about mid-twenties to forties, strong enough to overpower two old guys. I looked around at the mob of newcomers to the train ride, and to the sheeple at the other end. The sheeple had looks of despair on their faces as they could see that the Noongar people could start a riot on the train.

I said to my friend lets get up and mingle with our new friends, he was ready to go. One of the young men got up from his seat and started to talk rather loud to another Noongar gentleman. That was my opportunity to make my move I went over through the middle of the mob and sat down next to the oldest man in the group. I introduced myself, Hi my name is Lindsay I am a Street Chaplain, he looked at me for a second and one of the other men asked what the F**k is a Street Chaplain, so I explained what we do.

I said our job was to look after them when they have had too much to drink or get into trouble in other ways. We also contact the Noongar Patrol if there are cultural problems with other people or other tribal people. By the time I had finished the man I was sitting next to was quite happy to have me next to him. He talked about his family and some of the problems they face, on a day to day basis. They are not much different from the white race we all have problems.

My friend was introducing himself to the rest of the mob and to some of the ladies in the group. Most of the ladies dresses had less material in them than I would have in two handkerchiefs a bad state of undress I call it.

I decided to stand and talk with our new friends when the train stopped at Queens Park and four security people came into our carriage came to our end and asked for my ticket and only mine. I said to the security that the Noongar people were friends of ours and all is ok, so they got off the train and left us to carry on to Perth.

When we arrived at their station the Noongar people all apologized for using bad language and the girls would try wearing a coat to cover themselves because the dresses were so short.

We and the rest of the sheeple went on to the Perth station, my friend and I waited for the sheeple to get off the train, as they got off the train most of them said thanks for keeping them safe.

The problem is all the sheeple judged the Noongar people and made a call, they are black or Noongars and should be avoided at all costs. This is a fear-based discrimination by the sheeple who were on the train. When people don’t know how to talk to one another or show respect to one another then we have a problem.

My friend and I showed respect and showed friendship to the trainload of people both white and Noongar. Until we as people of WA and all of Australia both Black and White start to look at each other with love and respect we will not be able to improve our society.

My Life as a Devout Catholic

I will start at the beginning of my Catholic life. When I was an early teenager I would go fishing at the wharf, I did not catch much but had time away from home and just to sit and think. On my way, home with fish or no fish I would stop at St Patrick’s church and say a round of the stations of the cross, this I did for years even into my early twenties, I felt at home in the church and I was with God and Mary.

Life happened Married, Children, business I joined the Vinnies and other organisation in the Catholic Church but none of the organizations full-filled me or got me closer to God.

I started to look to Mary my mother, the mother of my Lord and my God so I became a Legionnaire and have been in the organisation for over 30 years the rosary is a major part of my day and life. My wife would recite the rosary twice a day plus other prayers and on some days we say the rosary 4 times. I am older now so I can work with the older people in our community so I visit Catholics and none Catholics during the day, in the hospital or in their homes it is good to be of service to them.

So that is me now, but on the other side of my story, I read and read, if someone makes a statement I will investigate it until I am satisfied they are right or wrong. I was asked by a friend where is the world heading with the lack of faith in God a good question so here are my findings.

I will use the Douay Rheims Version Bible, and thexxxx Quran

The question was where are we going or heading with a lack of faith in God, and at 71 years old I see that there is a huge lack of faith in God and as I read my Bible I see parts of the Bible and I might as well been reading a story on the news of the day, and the Bible told me what God did to those people in the Bible so what’s stopping him from doing it today? I say nothing is stopping him he is about to clean the world of all it’s sinfulness.


!st I will start with St John and the Apocalypse 17:9-11

In these reading we hear about the seven kings, 6 kings, 5 have fallen and the 6th king will reign for a short time. Then the seventh king will be enthroned and he will introduce the beast. So the Catholic Church has had all seven kings and the one in the holy see in the last and the Anti Christ Pope and he will introduce the beast. The last two kings are Pope Francis 7th Pope and Pope Emmeritice Benedicte the 6th Pope he has only ruled for a short time.

So how do we get popes to kings? well, this started with the Lateran Treaty a treaty between Italy and the Holy See. The Holy See sold the land north of Italy to the King of Italy to His Majesty Victor Emanuel 111 King of Italy and payment was for 44 acres of land known as Vatican City. With the Vatican City, the Holy See had complete sovereignty over Vatican city as it is an independent sovereign state and a king is the head of the sovereign state. This is where the first King and Pope came into our Catholic church. In 1948 Pope Pius X1 became King of the Vatican State, and all the other popes to this day number seven and the 6th Pope has ruled for a short time.




































The End of life as we know it. Are we near the end? I think we are so to help me build my case There are 3 points I want to make to prove my point.

1 The visions of Mary the Mother Of Jesus to the children of Fatima.

2 The predictions of St Malaki on the number of Popes.

3 The Kings of the book of Revelations.

All of the points I raise can be found in the Bible and in books of the saints stated in this blog

1 When Mary the Mother of Jesus reveled herself to the children of Fatima, Mary told the children that God gave Satin 100 years free rain on earth and after the 100 years God will take back the earth and its people. He will punish the people who have strayed from the teachings of God and bring back the people to him. That was in October 1917 and we are now 100 years on from that time. At 2017 the world is on a knife edge with tension of war with America and Korea the middle East is at war with ISIS. We are moving to a world of Aborting babies, euthanizing old people. We are marring same sex people, teaching our children that gender does not matter, all of these things are against the teachings God. God will use the power of other nations to punish us, good and bad alike, as the sun shines on good and bad alike so shall the retribution of God be on good and bad alike. So 2018, this is the year of the start of the end of our times!

2 St Malachy was a monk he lived from 1094 to 1148 he claims to have foresaw 112 Popes from his time to the present Pope who is the last Pope. According St Malachy Pope Francis is the Anti Pope, the Pope who introduces the world to the Anti Christ Satin.

3 In 1917 Mary asked through children that Pope Pius the 10th dedicate Russia to the Sacred Heart of Mary he did not and Russia fell into Communism. The first world War, and Depression were to follow with the rise of the German Nazi Party and Adolf Hitler. In Italy the rise of the fascist Party and Mussolini. Mussolini wanted total control of Italy so he asked the Pope of the time Pope Pius the 12th to sell to the King of Italy the land in the north of Italy which was known as the “Kingdom Of God” and the payment for this land was 40 acres of land in Rome now known as Vatican City. The first Pope to live there was Pope Pius the 12th and crowned the king of Rome, the first of the seven Kings before the Anti Christ. Then came the second world war and all the wars after making some families very rich, nations controlling other nations and using them as slaves. Since Pope Pius the 12th we have had seven Popes and the eight Pope the Anti Pope is in now.

The Book of Revelations, the visions of Sister Forstyna, the visions of Mary, the Prophets in the old testament, and the writings of people today who have been telling us we cannot keep going in the direction we are going in because it leads to war and death. With all this evidence I am convinced we are on the path to destruction.

The key to understanding when all this is to happen is when, 1 The Cardinals and Bishops of the Catholic Church publicly denounce the Pope as a false Pope or heretic. 2 When the Middle East breaks into war between Israel and Iran. These two will be the start of the third world war but the war will not be like WW1,& WW2 it will be countries fighting other countries, not a global conflict of one nation fighting the rest of the world. It will be nuclear and many will die.

I write this blog not to frighten but to inform, if you are thinking about the world and your part in it you may also think about God and your relationship with him.



The Problem with Opinions

Everybody has more than one opinion on any given subject like arm pits we have more than one and they stink!

When people make assumptions about a subject without getting all the facts they make them selves look like un-educated people.

Let me tell you where I stand on the matter of Pedophile Priests any priest found guilty of molesting a child they should be removed from the church and sent to Gail in accordance with the law of the land.

In Australia we have had a lot of discussion about Pedophile priests, and the priest hood, good and bad. In the Catholic church and the other denominations, some clergy have been found guilty of Pedophilia. The number of people who are Pedophiles is about 4% of the clergy in office. This does not include the Scouts, the Police or any other organisation.

Some people on Face Book and other community chat rooms feel and make stupid statements using an opinion that all priests are pedophiles or they should be married so a wife will stop the crime. How many times do we see on the news of a husband, father found guilty because he is a pedophile. A wife cannot stop this rot in the world. To expect a wife to stop a morally sick person from committing a crime against children, is putting way too much pressure on the wife and making her feel she has failed.

Using the same broad statements to describe people and organisations could we say because some women sell themselves for money and become known as whores that all women are whores? can we say all men are pedophiles? No! It is wrong!

When making a statement if it is not fact it is an opinion, if you can back up your fact with other areas of input then your argument is on solid ground, not some emotive comment made from a person who does not think before they open their mouth.

I have had discussions on Face Book and twitter about articles I have written and other peoples articles,and most of the writers are very genuine writers but some just bring it down to the gutter by sharing their ill thought out opinions.